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  • SOUCEN SC-LINK(Canada)

    SOUCEN SC-LINK(Canada) 2019-04-08

    Features: NXP LPC11U35FHI33/501 ARM Cortex M0 48Mhz processor 64kB Flash, 12kB RAM, 2kB EEPROM 1xUSART, 1xI2C, 2xSPI, 1xUSB2.0, 8xADC(10-bit), 26xGPIO Supports mbed programming. Supported target proces...

    SOUCEN SC-BLUETOOTH(Canada) 2019-04-08

    SC-BLUETOOTH is an mbed enabled Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 Low Energy ARM Cortex M0 Development board based on nRF51822 chip from NordicSemi. SC-BLUETOOTH runs in SUPER LOW POWER, which means you can power it w...
  • SOUCEN DIY 100W Solar Controller(Canada)

    SOUCEN DIY 100W Solar Controller(Canada) 2019-04-08

    SC-Solar is a tiny while highly efficient 100W Step-down power regulator. It delivers a 93% DC-DC efficiency with an adjustable output voltage ranging from 1.25V to 35V with a maximum current of 8Amp. ...
  • SOUCEN SC-Solar DIY 100W太陽能控制器(加拿大)

    SOUCEN SC-Solar DIY 100W太陽能控制器(加拿大) 2019-04-08

    SC-Solar是一款體積小,轉換率高,輸出電壓可調的PWM DC轉DC太陽能控制器。他的最高轉換率可達93%,有效的將太陽能轉換成輸出能量降低發熱所導致的能量損...